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How to maintain your leather jacket?

Follow these few basic tips, you will already save your leather jacket from many inconveniences!
  •    When storing leather, hang it on a hanger to prevent it from deforming. Like shoes, your leather clothes adapt to your morphology, so do not lend them to anyone.
  •    Do not expose leather jackets to direct sunlight for long periods of time (e.g. on the rear shelf of a car). Excess heat softens the leather and could permanently alter its color.
  •    Do not cover your leather jacket with plastic coverings that restrict breathing. A cloth or cotton cover is recommended for storage in the closet.
  •     If your leather gets wet, let it dry on a hanger at room temperature.                                                         -Properly waterproof your leather from the first days!


The different types of leather

When buying a leather suit, it is important to know what type of skin it is. Materials directly affect how a product is worn. Some are designed to keep you warm, while others complete the summer look. Alternatively, if you are looking for a fairly light or heavy and stiff model, you will need to use a different leather.


List of our tips and tricks by type of leather:


Lamb leather :
Lamb is a supple, thin and light leather. It has a soft texture. Prices vary and it is not uncommon to find high quality jackets at low prices. It is also one of the most used when making leather jackets. You can find many models at Serge Pariente, Schott and Gipsy, to name a few. Lamb can be washed, soaked, turned and prepared with vegetables. It all depends on the processing of the leather. The difference lies mainly in the manufacturing or tanning process.
Sheep leather:
  Sheepskin is supple and lightweight. Soft and comfortable to wear. More or less thick, depending on the version of the model you choose. Most leather today is sheepskin. A real mid-season material, the jacket becomes like a second skin.
  Depending on fashion and brands, several different finishes exist: washed, returned, etc. You will find totally different products between our range of Redskins leather jackets and that of Oakwood for example.
  Sheepskin is a very popular skin in winter. Warm and thick, it is ideal for the cold season. The inner fur is made up of sheep’s wool, and the outer part is rawhide.
Goat leather:
   Goat leather is strong and supple. He is recognizable by his slightly grainy skin texture. Depending on collections and trends, it can be a little stiffer.
   Its appearance is also different. There may be waxy (shiny) or more matte style jackets but most of the time, goat leather is used to design suede leather jackets, that is to say with a velvet aspect.
   Cowhide leather is one of the strongest hides. We can find it in different forms: either thick and heavy or thin and flexible. However, that does not take away its robustness, which makes it one of the skins most used for protective clothing. This skin is also used a lot and worn in Winter because in addition to these characteristics, it also keeps you warm.
   For example, over the autumn period, ¾ of Schott brand jackets are made of this material.
Buffalo leather:
   Buffalo leather is also one of the most resistant materials. It is the skin that ages the fastest. Used more frequently for men’s clothing, it is particularly worn on long men’s coats. To avoid this phenomenon, leathery people have found different tricks. This is why most of the time, this skin has a shiny or greasy appearance.
   The shiny appearance is caused by a varnish which is applied during manufacture to prevent premature aging of the leather. The grease on the leather corresponds to grease applied during manufacture. At first, it stops the aging of the leather but also it prolongs its lifespan.
horse leather:
   Horsehide is the most resistant leather but also the most rigid. Some models can even stand up when placed on the ground! It has a very fine grain and is very generally marketed with a glossy finish so that its aging is as aesthetic as possible.
   It is the leather of aficionados par excellence! It was used for the creation of the first zipped leather jacket, the perfecto, and it is still used for the manufacture of the most iconic models!