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Une garantie à vie sur l’usure, sur les modèles de notre marque Zillion-Leather :

Zillion-Leather, being a leather and skin specialist for more than 50 years, also means knowing how to guarantee everything we sell. Our conviction is to offer durable clothing and to allow, through our services, to extend and ensure their lifespan.

In a desire to accompany you throughout the life of your garment, we are committed to guaranteeing your garment for life and free of charge from our brand on wear and tear.
Thus, the linings, zippers, sleeves, collars, leather panel…which could wear out over time will be repaired or changed in our workshops.


Disinfection: Sanitizing treatment that eliminates bacteria present on a garment but does not remove stains or odors.

For all types of parts
Ideal for down jackets (with or without fur)
Degreasing: Machine cleaning of skins, specialized and adapted to each material. For leather: the leather is then revived with a non-greasy nourishing cream applied manually.
For all types of parts (leather, suede / nubuck, shearling, fur, down jackets / parkas)
Re-pigmentation: Covering action that restores color to the leather by applying a layer of colour. For suede, a nourishing and waterproofing product is applied.
Concerns leather (patinated for example) and suede


Our main shops are equipped with a workshop specializing in the work of leather, shearling, fur and textiles.

Our teams are trained in materials and new brands each season. They also benefit from training and complete their know-how with regular visits to workshops and tanneries.

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Retouching / Repairs / Transformation

Materials Guide

Are you about to choose your new leather jacket but you don’t know where to turn? There are many different skins. Sheep, goat, cow, buffalo or pig, all these skins have different characteristics. Some will be preferred for summer, others for winter. Some will be naturally flexible while others will be rigid and resistant. What’s more, sheep leather will not be maintained like oily buffalo leather, for example. So, make the right choice and find all the characteristics of our materials by clicking below!