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1. Content guide

Are you about to choose your new leather jacket but you don’t know where to turn? There are many different skins. Sheep, goat, cow, buffalo or pig, all these skins have different characteristics. Some will be preferred for summer, others for winter. Some will be naturally flexible while others will be rigid and resistant. What’s more, sheep leather will not be maintained like oily buffalo leather, for example. So, make the right choice and find all the characteristics of our materials by clicking below!

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2. How to maintain your leather jacket?

A leather jacket can last you a lifetime. For this, it is certainly necessary to buy a genuine and quality leather, but it is necessary above all to maintain it on a regular basis! It is not very difficult to take care of it. Only a few instructions and tips will allow you, on their own, to keep your jacket for many years. If we had to simplify, the maintenance of a leather could be summed up with its waterproofing, its nutrition and its cleaning… without forgetting some common sense advice! All these steps and tips are summarized for you in our tutorial so go take a look!

3. How to differentiate genuine leather from imitation leather?

When you are faced with two new jackets, and without being an expert, it is not always easy to recognize genuine leather from imitation. Imitation manufacturers imitate hides better and better, but above all it is after a certain time that leather, a living material, acquires all its charm and proves its durability. That said, with a little knowledge, no one will be able to fool you and you will be able to determine in just a few minutes whether it is real leather or imitation leather. Jean-Baptiste shares some age-old tricks with you! To learn more, click below!

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4. How to recognize real fur from synthetic fur?

As with imitation, synthetic fur manufacturers are getting better and better at imitating natural furs. However, thanks to our little tips, you can still tell the difference between the two! Indeed, the hair behaves differently when you blow on it or handle it. The weft, on which the fur is laid, is also different. On one side, it is a textile weft. On the other, it is real skin. With this video tutorial hosted by Jean-Baptiste, you will have everything you need to know the difference and recognize if it is real fur or a synthetic model.